Special Events

If you want to make the most of your special event and don't want the stress of choosing a family member or friend to be an emcee, Danelle would be happy to help! You can turn a milestone birthday into a Legacy Celebration! Danelle understands the importance of meaningful stories which honor relationships and make life so beautiful! Danelle is also available as a Motivational Speaker for your organization!


Emcee: Fees will be agreed upon, includes a free one hour in-person, phone or video call planning session. Danelle would be happy to help coordinate and emcee the speech and tribute portion of your reception or special event.

Motivational Speaker: Fees will be agreed upon, includes a one hour in-person, phone or video call planning session.

Travel Fee: no travel fee within a thirty minute radius of zip code 98290/Snohomish. Travel fees will be agreed upon. 

Sound Equipment Rental for Small Venues: $75, Click HERE for equipment details.

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